6 Items to Note

As with any purchase, you need to do your homework first to ensure you've gathered enough information to make a sound decision. Here is a list of items that are worth considering before you start shopping for your window coverings.

  • Item #1 THE PURPOSE

    Which room/space are you dressing?
    Are you looking for Residential or Commercial shades? Living room shades serve a completely different purpose than bedroom or bathroom shades, in residential spaces. While a spa facility may require a totally different style of shades than a corporate office.


    Consider the color of your walls. Do you have warm or cool undertones. Some think this decision is mostly about how the shades themselves will complement the color scheme of the room, but it's also very important to consider how the color of the shade will impact the color of the light filtering through it, which will affect how other objects in the room will appear.

  • Item #3 - THE FABRIC

    When choosing your fabric, you'll have numerous colors, paterns and textures to select from - it's always a good idea to see & feel the fabric to know if it will be a good fit.

  • Item #4 - THE COVERAGE

    Consider how much sunlight will come through at different times of the day & how will that impact your choice of shades? Light-filtering fabrics may still show subtle shadows or silhouettes from the outside and let in more UV rays. Select a room darkening or a blackout fabric for increased privacy and protection.


    Is there sufficient window depth for your preferred window shade? Refer to our measuring guide for more info. Inside mount shades must meet the minimum depth requirement to mount the mechanism. As a result, you may experience light gaps with an inside mount. Consider an outside mount for complete coverage.

  • Item #6 - THE FINAL LOOK

    Consider how your shades will look from outside…Are you going for the same look for all your windows? If you’re dressing different windows with different shades, ensure you go with complementing colors/styles to achieve a cohesive facade.

You can always get our expert advice if you’re unsure what product works best in your space – we’re here to assist you with your window treatment selection.

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